Prostitution and solicitation crimes in the state of Texas can be classified as a misdemeanor charges, but in certain circumstances, they can lead to felony convictions. Sometimes, prostitution is anonymously reported to the police, but in other circumstances, charges are a direct result of a sting operation. Prostitution and solicitation are typically enforced through undercover operations conducted by law enforcement officials. During these investigations, undercover officers will infiltrate massage parlors, clubs, venues, and other places where adults congregate.

Once you are charged with this crime, the prosecuting attorney will have the burden of proof. To convict you, they will have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of what you have been accused of. If they are able to do this, you can face steep fines, lengthy jail sentences, and potential sex offender registration. If you are trying to avoid these extreme consequences, it is imperative you hire a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

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From the moment your charges are filed, the prosecutors and investigators associated with your criminal case will begin their investigations. They may interview possible witnesses, review security camera footage, and seize your electronic records in an attempt to find any sort of information they can use to put you behind bars. While this is happening, it is important to make sure you have a criminal defense lawyer who is working with you to develop a quality legal defense that can withstand the attacks from the prosecution.

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Definition of Prostitution

According to Texas Penal Code § 43.02, individuals are guilty of prostitution if they are found knowingly soliciting another individual (while in public) to engage in sexual conduct for hire, or offering to engage in sexual conduct with another individual in exchange for money.

Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code also defines the promotion of prostitution as an offense that takes place when an individual receives money or other property in exchange for participating in the proceeds of prostitution, or when they solicit an individual to engage in sexual conduct with another individual in exchange for monetary gain.

Aggravated promotion of prostitution is a crime that takes place when an offender knowingly owns, manages, controls, invests in, or supervises an enterprise that is using or employing two or more prostitutes. If an individual is knowingly causing a person to engage in prostitution due to threats, force, violence, or fraud, they can be charged with compelling prostitution. This charge is also applicable if an individual is found causing an individual under the age of 18 to engage in prostitution.

Consequences for Prostitution Charges

Individuals who have been found guilty of a first-time basic prostitution offense will typically face minor consequences. If convicted of this crime under these circumstances, individuals can expect to serve a jail sentence that may not exceed 180 days, and pay a fine that could be as expensive as $2,000. Individuals who are found guilty of promotion of prostitution can face Class A misdemeanor charges. If convicted of this criminal charge, individuals can expect to pay a fine that cannot exceed $4,000 and serve a jail sentence that could be as long as one year.

Repeat offenders will face greater consequences if they are convicted of multiple prostitution charges. If an individual has three or more previous prostitution offense convictions, they can expect to pay fines up to $10,000 and spend 180 days to 2 years behind bars.

Offenders who are found guilty of committing prostitution-related crimes involving children will face extreme consequences for their actions. If an individual is found guilty of aggravated promotion of prostitution of a child between the ages of 14 and 17, their charges will be classified as a third-degree felony. This can lead to consequences including a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Solicitation of a child under the age of 14 is classified as a second-degree felony, which can cause consequences including a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and a maximum fine of $10,000. Lastly, compelling prostitution of a child under the age of 18 can lead to a first-degree felony conviction, which can cause life imprisonment in addition to a maximum fine of $10,000.

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To be charged with prostitution, an individual must be accused of or found soliciting another person in a public place to engage in sexual conduct for hire, or engage in sexual conduct in exchange for money.

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Being accused of promoting or soliciting prostitution is a crime that can and will follow you for years. Having this type of offense on your criminal record will place a serious damper on your reputation, and in addition to causing extreme embarrassment amongst your friends and family, it can also stop you from experiencing your ideal employment and educational opportunities. If you are ever charged with or accused of this crime, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

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