Individuals who reside in the state of Texas have the right to own guns and firearms. However, it is important to remember that the Second Amendment may not always protect you from being charged with Firearm / Weapon Offenses in Fort Worth. The Lone Star State allows its residents to be in possession of a gun, but individuals are not allowed to carry handguns and firearms into unlawful places. If charged with this type of crime, you may be convicted of a felony offense.

Finding a lawyer should be your number one priority if you are ever accused of or charged with a Firearm / Weapon Offense in Fort Worth, Texas. Being convicted of this type of crime can not only lead you to prison, but it can also cause you to become a felon that loses the right to own firearms or vote for public office. For these reasons and more, it is important that you find the right criminal defense lawyer to handle your criminal case.‍

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Upon being made aware of your charges and/or accusations, you must ensure you immediately begin searching for a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth. Waiting or procrastinating could lead to you giving prosecutors and investigators more time to compile evidence that puts you behind bars for years to come. And even the best attorneys need time; hiring a lawyer quickly can help you put yourself in a position that gives you ample time to build a strong defense.

If you’re trying to fight your criminal charges, our team can help. Led by experienced defense attorney Richard C. McConathy, we can provide you with an expert legal defense that will help you defend your honor and freedom. For years, Richard C. McConathy and his team have helped Texans reduce or dismiss their charges, and we are confident in our ability to help you do the same. For more information on how we can help your case, call us today at (817) 422-5350 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

Examples of Firearms and Weapons

Section 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code provides a solid outline of what is considered to be a firearm or weapon in the state of Texas. According to this statute, weapons, guns, and firearms in Texas include but are not limited to:

  • Knives
  • Zip guns
  • Tomahawks
  • Switchblades
  • Chemical dispensers
  • Explosives
  • Handguns
  • Short-barrel firearms
  • Swords

Though there are more, these are the weapons and firearms that are typically found and confiscated when local law enforcement is handling a situation that involves unlawful possession of a firearm or weapon.

Penalties for Firearm and Weapons Offenses

There are multiple offenses that are related to firearms and weapons. For starters, Texas Penal Code § 46.02 states that an individual can be charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon if they are found intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carrying a weapon while not being directly located in or on their own property or vehicle. In addition to this, if an individual is knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally carrying a handgun while being engaged in criminal activity, a criminal street or gang, or while being prohibited from possessing a firearm, they can also be charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm.

It is important to remember that your criminal history may bar you from being allowed to possess a firearm. If you have been convicted of a felony and possess a firearm before being five years removed from your release from confinement, you may be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. This same rule applies to individuals who are not over five years removed from a domestic assault conviction. Being convicted of this crime could lead to a punishment of class A misdemeanor, or it can be classified as extensively as a third-degree felony.

Resources for Firearm and Weapons Offenses in Tarrant County, TX

Texas Handgun Licensing – If you’re interested in carrying a handgun, be sure to do it legally. This link takes you to the official website of the Texas Department of Public Safety, where you can find information on some of the laws surrounding concealed handguns in the state of Texas, links to apply for a concealed carry license, and much more.

TCHA – This link takes you to the website of the Texas Concealed Handgun Association. Established in 1997, this association used to only consist of instructors who were taught to train Texans on how to legally carry and operate their handguns, but since 2003, the association has allowed membership to include anyone who is interested in carrying a handgun for self-defense purposes. Its mission is to provide up-to-date information on laws and topics related to handgun carrying while promoting responsible firearm safety, ownership and use. Click here to learn more about their annual, three-year, and lifetime membership plans and benefits.

NRA – The National Rifle Association was established in 1871, with the primary goal of promoting and encouraging responsible rifle operation. With well over 100,000 certified instructors associated with their organization, the NRA helps over a million gun owners learn how to properly operate their firearms every year. Visit this website to learn more about the NRA and how you can get involved.

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We hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of some of the laws surrounding firearms and weapons possession in the state of Texas. As previously stated, you are only protected by the Second Amendment in select circumstances. Because of this, you need to remain educated on the laws pertaining to firearm offenses and unlawful possession of a firearm. Failure to do this may lead to felony charges filed on your behalf, which will require the hiring of a criminal defense lawyer.

The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy understand the importance of making sure you have the right criminal defense for your specific problems. Firearms offenses need to be dealt with very carefully, and if you are facing charges, no amount of firepower or weaponry will be able to save you. The only way for you to be able to defend yourself in this instance is with a trained defense lawyer who is experienced in handling charges similar to these.

Serving Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Haltom City, Blue Mound, and many other cities within or surrounding the Tarrant County area, The Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy are well-equipped to assist you with your criminal charges. For years, our team of legal professionals has provided experts with high-quality litigation counsel and criminal defense representation. If you are facing criminal charges and you are seeking a Fort Worth attorney to help you, Richard C. McConathy is ready to take on your case. For more information and a consultation, contact us today at (817) 422-5350 to speak to a representative.


Conceal carry permits only allow you to possess a weapon in the furtherance of lawful activity. If you are charged with another offense, such a possession of marijuana or DWI, and have a weapon on you. You will be charged with an Unlawful carrying of a weapon (UCW) regardless of if you have a permit to carry.

Yes, it is the duty of the real property owner to seek the weapon back from the government after the case.

Depends, any conviction of a weapon related offense may have long term ramifications on the ability to purchase a firearm under state and federal law.

Depends if the weapon in question is operable and within your custody and control.

Depends if the weapon in question is operable and within your custody and control.

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