Assault Non-Family (OBI WAN) Intervention Program

The OBI WAN intervention program is part of the YODA program for young people charged with simple assault cases involving a victim who is not a family member. For purposes of the intervention program, the term family member is defined as a blood relative, related by marriage or intimate relationship with another family member.

The program for assault against a non-family member is available only to first-time offenders or young people with no similar past juvenile charges. A person with a prior record might be granted an exception to this general rule on a case by case basis after consideration by the prosecutor.

Attorney for Assault Intervention Programs in Tarrant County, TX

If you are between the ages of 17 years old and 25 years old and charged with an assault against a non-family member, then you might be eligible for the OBI WAN intervention program. If you are not guilty of the offense or if the prosecutor can not prove the charges beyond all reasonable doubt, then entering the program might not be in your best interest.

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Eligibility Requirements for the OBI WAN Intervention Program in Tarrant County

To be eligible for the OBI WAN program, the young person must meet the eligibility requirements of YODA including: 

  • the person accused of assault must be between the ages of 17 to 25 years old at time of enrollment into program;
  • the intervention program is available for first-time offenders only;
  • the accused must not currently be on probation or parole;
  • the accused is not facing any other pending charges; and
  • the accused has no other pending felony charges or convictions of felony charges.

To successfully complete the program, the young person must be willing to make changes in their lives and participate in counseling, which includes providing input, feedback and disclosing personal information. Completing the program requires attending and participation in accordance with the rules. Also, while in the program, the young person must be willing to remain drug-free and sober.

Other requirements include either working full time or maintaining attendance in school full-time.

Additional Resources

OBI WAN Assault Intervention Program in Tarrant County - This article discusses specialty programs in the criminal courts to divert the case away from the judge and into an intervention program so that the charges can ultimately be dropped. Visit the website of the Tarrant County to learn more about specialty programs in the criminal courts for young people charged with assault (also known as the OBI-WAN program).

This article was last updated on Monday, April 17, 2017. 

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