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Criminal Defense

With nearly 100 square miles, the City of Arlington has a population of more than 360,000 people. It is located approximately 12 miles east of downtown Fort Worth. Arlington is the seventh-most populous city in the state of Texas and the largest city in the state that is not a county seat.

The consequences of an arrest and prosecution can be devastating even if the criminal charges are ultimately dropped. Individuals with a professional license are most heavily impacted including lawyers, health care professionals (including nurses and physicians), members of the military, and members of local law enforcement agencies.

Attorneys for Criminal Defense in the City of Arlington, TX

The criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy represent clients charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense after an arrest in the City of Arlington in Tarrant County, TX. We also represent clients arrested in the surrounding municipalities near Arlington include Hurst, Euless, Irving, and Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Mansfield, and Duncanville.

Call (817) 422-5350 today to talk with an attorney for criminal defense in the City of Arlington.

Defending College Students Arrested in Arlington, TX

The attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy represent students at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), which is the largest university in North Texas. Each fall, approximately 40,000 students are enrolled in UTA.

We also represent clients at the Southeast Campus of Tarrant County College is located in Arlington, and the Arlington Baptist College (ABC).

Clearing an Arrest Warrant Issued in the Arlington Municipal Court

The criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy help clients clear a warrant issued by the Municipal Court in the City of Arlington, TX. After a failure to appear in court, if you attempt to clear the warrant by paying over the phone or online then you will suffer a conviction for the underlying offense which might put points on your driver’s license or cause other collateral consequences.

We also represent juvenile defendants who are under the age of 17 at the time their receive their citation and must appear in open court to see the judge before their case can be resolved.

If you failed to appear for a scheduled court appearance in the City of Arlington Municipal Court to answer any charge for a class C misdemeanor, then a warrant was issued for your arrest. In accordance with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 27.14( c ), case payment will result in a waiver of jury trial and a finding of guilty, which will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety as a conviction.

A criminal defense attorney can help you determine if you are eligible to participate in the option of Deferred Disposition or Driving Safety Course in order to avoid a conviction. Your attorney can also help you schedule a hearing or trial so that the case can be resolved on its merits and you can show cause why a "not guilty" verdict should be returned.;

Don't give you rights by entering a guilty plea until you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about the rights you are giving up. Those rights include forcing the state to prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, the right to request a trial before a judge or jury, the right to subpoena witnesses or have the trial transcribed by a court reporter so it can be appealed to a higher court.

Additional Resources

Warrants in the Arlington Municipal Court - Visit the website of the Arlington Municipal Court to find ways to enter a guilty plea, be convicted and clear a warrant by phone or paying online. Visit the website to find a list of outstanding arrest warrants updated each week. The Municipal Court in Arlington is opened from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number to the clerk of court’s office is 817-459-6777.

Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Arlington, TX

The criminal defense attorneys at Law Offices of Richard C. McConathy represent individuals arrested in the City of Arlington, TX, at or near the University of Texas at Arlington, AT&T Stadium, The Globe Life Park in Arlington, Lake Arlington, or Six Flags Over Texas. We also represent clients arrested in the surrounding communities of Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens.

We know the tactics used by local law enforcement agencies in Tarrant County.

Let us put our experience to work for you. Call (817) 422-5350 today to discuss your case.


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